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"The wilderness always speaks, even if we are not listening...
but it doesn't shout."

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"I have driven dogs a time or two, enough to know what a driver means when he says the dogs' exuberance can get up inside you, that you can take on their abandonment and their great generosity of spirit, that you have to discipline that in them, and in yourself. I stand on the sidelines and watch in simple awe the unhesitating charge through a long turn of a team that wants to run, being driven by someone who knows that desire in them and cares for it, who communicates empathy and respect. What dogs give in these circumstances is enough to humble a human being for the memory of any niggardliness in his life. A person would have to be a fool to abuse such heart. Any one would have to be callous, nearly finished as a human being not to want to raise his arms in salute as such animals roared past, a fury of hot breathing gone like a shot down the trail."

Barry Lopez, author of Arctic Dreams

Welcome to, the website of Arleigh Jorgenson Sled Dog Adventures, joined now with son Odin. We are here so that our sled dogs can share with you "their great generosity of spirit". Dogs are our focus - and your relationship with them will be the center of your experience. The Ultimate Adventure Source Book, published by Turner Publications, rates our program as North America's top sled dog adventure program. We now feature full-season Canadian Arctic Expeditions with Dave and Kristen Olesen.  (See our NWT Expedition page.) 

On our trips you will drive your own sled and team for the entire trip. You will discover that the dogs you work with are athletes. Most importantly, they know their jobs and they will teach you yours. "Listen" to your dogs and you will "nurture their instinct", and in so doing, nurture your own.

In addition to The Ultimate Adventure Source Book, you will find accounts of our trips in the following periodicals: 
Backpacker Magazine (Jan/Feb, '06), Coastal Living(Jan.-Feb. '03), Conde Nast Traveler (9/98), Disney Adventures (12/96), Men's Health (9/96), Fodor's Nights To Imagine, The Chicago Tribune (1/26/97), The Raleigh NC News & Observer (1/12/97), The Denver Post (12/15/96), Minneapolis Star Tribune (2/4/96), St. Paul Pioneer Press (12/1/96), The Boston Globe (11/10/96), Country Living (11/95), Outside (1/94), Destination Discovery (3/93), Forbes FYI (11/92), Boundary Waters Journal (Winter '92), The New York Times (1/12/92), American Fitness (Mar.-Apr. '91).

Arleigh Jorgenson

Thanks again for your interest. We invite you to call us if you have any questions.

Arleigh & Odin Jorgenson

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